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Meeting Ibu Rahayu
 Karleen N.  Subud Vancouver, Canada
By Karleen N.
Subud Vancouver, Canada
Personal letters to Lutfi Niazi from Bapak from 1967-1984

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Bapak's Talks 1957-1987

and the Spread of Subud

by Harlinah Longcroft

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About Bapak
June 1999

From: My Inner Guidance
by K. Mangoendjaja:

After latihans I used to pray, asking God for His protection, and to provide for our daily needs.

One night the inner self corrected me.

Mangoen, don't ask God for anything. He knows your needs better than you do.

He will give you what you need, not what you ask, because He knows what is good for you.

At the next latihan, the voice asked:

Mangoen, why do you do the latihan?

Startled, I confessed I didn't really know.

If you don't know the purpose of the latihan the voice said, then it has no meaning for you. Why do you do the latihan?the voice persisted.

I couldn't answer, but the question was repeated over and over. Suddenly I thought it might be the devil, or some lower force, that was interrogating me. I was quickly disabused of this thought.

Now you are in doubt again,the voice observed. I will show you who I am. Instantly my breathing stopped. I nearly choked before air entered my lungs again. This happened several times. I had no control over my respiratory organs. The voice continued to question me. Why do you do the latihan? I had to answer that I did not know, and each time my breathing was stopped.

Mangoen,the voice said, the latihan has a purpose. The purpose of our latihan is to worship God. Why couldn't you have said so in the first place? I thought, rather ruefully, still weak and shaking.

Muftiah's Legacy
Muftiah's Legacy
From The Shadow Of
The Rising Sun

From Seven Hells... To Seventh Heaven... SUBUD Ninety Days In March...!

Heavenly Visitations

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MIRACOLO... Miracles and God's healing.

By Contessa Graziella Nadia Rau Turin - Subud name Muftiah.

Yasmine in the Stars
From the visit to hell and heaven . . . Of the meeting that convinced the little girl in the spirit of stored experience profound

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My Subud Life
By Muhammad Isman Kanafsky

Over the years many Subud members would ask me to write a book of my spiritual experiences in Subud. I would usually say that I would someday write one. But I never felt moved to do so by the power of God. I have always felt that if it was in accordance with God's will, that I would be moved to do it.

Well finally one day, without thinking about it, I felt moved to start writing this book. To my surprise, it was January 31, 2011. This was the day that I experienced my official opening in Subud, forty-six years ago.

Although I first received the spiritual contact about six or seven months before my official opening when I had never even heard of Subud. I give my praise and thanks to the One Almighty God, to whom I owe everything.

My feeling is that this book is especially for the young Subud members. My hope is that they will be given the enthusiasm to continue receiving the latihan and not get bored. I pray that God will give them the patience that is required to continue, and the faith in God.

All proceeds go to Subud U.S.A. Available at Amazon.com

Read Chapter One of Isman's Book

at: SubudBooks.com
The main purpose of this website is to provide a shop window for Subud authors with books for sale. Not just for books about Subud, though that is the content of most of the books on this site, but for all those novels and poems by authors who also happen to be Subud members.


YOUR Stories, poems, books, humor

We will showcase your work unedited, in any style or format you choose
. . . .

If you have read what Bapak said about writing, and trust his guidance, you may be surprised at how easy the words come to you. I have never studied writing before, and yet here I am writing about all sorts of things. It is easy and fun. Your jiwa will help you, of that I am sure.

Muftiah... has her own style... of writing,... and I have mine. I like short stories and poems, she tells it all, from top to bottom, left to right.

So, Brothers and Sisters. . . come aboard this Subud Ship, and ride the latihan waves of the inner self.

Thank You

Sudarto Signature
Sudarto Martohudojo's

From Pewarta Kejiwaan Subud
Volume 1 - Number 1 - 16 September 1960

Dear readers of the Pewarta,
I began the latihan of Subud when I was studying at a teachers college, that was 25 years ago, and during this long time I have had many experiences of different kinds and have also continuously received advice and explanations on spiritual matters directly from Bapak Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo himself. It should be stated too, that in those days there was still no organization for the members of Subud. Now however the opportunity given by the publication ofPewarta KejJwaan Subud makes it possible for me to put in writing those experiences, as asked by Bapak, for the benefit of all our brothers and sisters in Subud everywhere. some important ones will be described below.


I still remember a certain unforgettable event on an occasion while I was teaching when I had to stop teaching because of the arrival of an unusual visitor. I was not conscious from which direction he entered the classroom, for suddenly he was in my presence. I was filled by a happy feeling at that moment. The visitor had a normal appearance, but the nose and eyes were triangular in shape and on each hand he had only three fingers and each foot only three toes. The extraordinary effect increased by his friendly address to me:

"Darto, I have come to see you here and I'll pray for your faithfulness and sincerity of worshipping God. As a proof that I have visited you, I'll spit three times on the ground in front of you and ask a souvenir from you."

I was surprised to learn that he knew my name and to comply with his request I handed him a coin worth half a rupiah. After taking it he suddenly vanished, frightening all the pupils. I ordered all the pupils afterwards to search for him, but nobody could find out where he had gone.

Ten days afterwards, again I had to stop my lecture as it was interrupted by the entrance of a man of bad appearance whose body was misshapen, but on looking into his eyes I become aware that he was a man of virtue. At the same time my body was chilled and I was conscious of strong vibrations. Learning from my former experience I followed him after having given him a small coin as alms. As he left, at every 7 metres he turned and smiled at me. A strange fact was that he hid himself behind a tree, and when I arrived at the tree he vanished. Such extraordinary an event was reported to Bapak. Bapak told me to test for myself in the presence of Bapak. The result of the test should show whether the two embodiments were satanic or those of a Saint (Waliullah). After the test Bapak explained that both appearances were those of a Saint, therefore he advised me to be very attentive and heedful to such apparitions.


On another occasion while surrounded by my boarding pupils, one of them told me of his grandfather's supernatural knowledge, and I jokingly explained to him that the experiences of which he spoke were of satanic origin.

My words seemed to trouble him and he asked permission to go and ask his grandfather. The next night as I was doing latihan, a voice came out of me warning me to be careful. During my sleep two nights afterwards my body was very light and hot. When I woke up I could not see my body even when I looked into the mirror. It was a strange feeling to me being conscious of walking and opening the front door without my body and I saw my own physical body in the front room smoking while sitting on a chair. As I came closer to it I felt that I should not touch it. Then the front door that was locked flew open by itself and 2 men and 2 women entered the room.

These four people approached my body in order to attack it, but before reaching it they fell down. Several times they rose to make an attack but failed. At last they disappeared the same way as they had come in. I was confused because I was separated from my physical body. Then I went into latihan. After the latihan I was very surprised, because I was one again with my physical body. The next morning something strange happened: glasses, plates, spoons and forks moved away from me if I tried to touch them. I supposed these satanical forces from the evening before were working again. This occurred seven nights in succession. In the latihan I received a pail filled with water and I threw this water to the four devils and they disappeared. Strangely enough at that moment I smelled roasted meat. According to Bapak's explanation I was tested by an old man, the grandfather of the pupil that boarded with me.

At another time three days before vacation the teachers were chatting together. One of them was telling us about a strange case - a certain teacher of religion who died and was buried. Later it was noticed that the body had vanished from the grave and only the shroud remained; and in the evening, light was visible coming from the grave. The other teachers felt this was very strange and I explained to them that the physical body had disappeared into the satanical world and that the light was a sign that the holy earth did not want to receive the body because it was polluted by satanical forces. It seemed that the narrator did not agree with my explanation. Five days after this, I felt when I was asleep that something sharp was pierced into my heart. At that moment I started latihan and my body moved. At last the sharp thing left my body and disappeared.

After the disappearance of the sharp thing I saw a cloud of smoke and a vampire appeared out of the smoke. The body of the vampire was as large as the body of a dog and its wings were one metre wide. I woke up the people who were sleeping in the house. They took a stick with the intention of killing the animal which was still visible but I forbade them because it would disturb the neighbours.At daylight the animal turned into smoke again and disappeared. Afterwards I went to latihan and I received as follows:

"if someone had killed that animal, that would mean that that person would also die."

After all this had happened I told Bapak the whole story. Bapak said:

"You are now being tested by people who practised black magic, so you must do your latihan diligently. But do not be afraid, believe that God will always be there to protect you".
Read more of Mas Sudarto

Write about Subud experiences - not about teachings.

Bapak did not mean that you should write a book about the relationship of the physical body and the jiwa, let alone about higher matters.

What Bapak meant was that members should write about their experiences since being in Subud and following the latihan kejiwaan, for other members to read. The content of the writings will thus not depart very far from what exists in the sphere of the kejiwaan, based on the Grace of Al mighty God manifested in the latihan kejiwaan of Subud, which in reality is guidance and direction from the Power of Almighty God.

If you write about things you have learned from books or from teachings, even though these teachings are generally called spiritual knowledge, and you then relate these things to what you receive in following the latihan kejiwaan of Subud, which in reality is the guidance and direction of Almighty God - this can cause your inner-feeling to feel empty or dead.

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Recollection Of The First Subud Group
by K Mangoendjaja

Jakarta, Indonesia

When I was opened by Bapak in October 1947 in Jogjakarta, Central Java, which at that time was the temporary capital of the Republic of Indonesia, the group was not yet formally organized. The name Subud was not known, and I did not hear of it until a few years later. What we were doing was just called the 'latihan' which, in English, means 'exercise' . There were no formalities, no waiting periods, no registration or any activities which were normally done be an organization. The group itself was still small, its number at every meeting did not exceed 15 people. Perhaps it was better this way, because the latihan was held in Bapak's sitting room, not large enough to accommodate more. When, due to the tense political situation between the Republic and the Dutch, curfew was imposed starting at 22.00 hours p.m., we came early and finished before curfew. But on Saturday we arrived before curfew and stayed the whole night.

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Young Bapak


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