H O M E     B A P A K     T A L K S     S U B U D
Toronto, Canada - August 19, 1979
Concerning Advisors to Bank Susila Bakti

Brothers and sisters, Bapak has listened to Lienhard Berger's report, so Bapak will not make a long comment, but only approve what has been reported and also what is going to be done in the future.

Brothers and sisters, an enterprise such as a bank or some similar body needs not only people who are expert in their work, but also other people, Subud members, who should have a wide conspectus in the field of banking. Take a manufacturer for instance: he should not just be good at producing goods but take no regard of whether there is any market for them.

If the marketing is not taken into account, the goods produced may be of no use at all. That means that the effort will have been made in vain and will be of no benefit. That is why Bapak hopes that all of you, especially the directors of the bank, and also the consultants and the board, will really make this bank progressive, so that its connections will be wider and its profits can be derived not only from its share capital but also from its wider external activities. Its management, not the work, needs to be expanded and increased.

That’s Bapak's suggestion to the officers of the bank.

There is the further question of choosing people who are regarded, who wil1 be able to, as being able to do this work as advisors, do this work as advisers and also to organize the work and open up a way to the outside, so that our bank, the Bank Susila Bakti can gradually acquire external connections in order to have a possibility of becoming a world bank, so we hope. If Bapak is required to choose, it is not necessary to have many people as advisers, and Bapak chooses two from inside Indonesia – that is two who have lived in Indonesia but who come from other countries - and two from outside. The two from inside the country are Wayne Lerrigo and Ruslaln Morris, who have been in Indonesia for a long time, and the two from outside are Luqman Arnold, who is about to take up a senior position in a bank in Hong Kong, and the other is an accountant, Leonard Van Hien. These are the four whom Bapak chooses, brothers and sisters. If you agree, brothers and sisters, please hold up your hands. If not please say so.

H O M E     B A P A K     T A L K S     S U B U D